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Paddock Series

Unbridled Custom Homes' new line of comfortable, custom, affordable homes.

We strongly believe that everyone who has the desire to own a home and is financially responsible should have access to an affordable, custom, brand new home. If you've ever seen a Facebook friend posting pictures of their new home, or if you've driven by a new neighborhood and thought, "I wish..." or "Someday..." I have good news for you. You can stop wishing. Someday is here.

Our goal was to create a line of homes with beautiful curb appeal, spacious open layouts great for entertaining, 3 bedrooms, 2 full bathrooms and many other features that make the home very comfortable and livable, all for a price that is less than most people pay to rent a 2 bedroom apartment. People told us it couldn't be done and provided the obvious fact that no one else is doing it as evidence. We quietly and confidently thought, "Watch us."

Proudly, after months of planning and hard work, we are announcing our Paddock Series. The Paddock Series gives those desiring to buy an affordable home the opportunity to do so. Furthermore, it gives those new soon-to-be homeowners the ability to customize their homes to their own personal taste and style.

The first homes in our Paddock Series are the Churchill I, II and III. Subscribe to our blog to be updated when we share each of those homes in the near future.

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